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… 0.00000003 ºC of global warming, 0.0000006279 centimeters of sea level rise, 0.000002 centimeters of Eurasian plate movement, 0.000002 centimeters of North American plate movement, 0.000003 centimeters of South American plate movement, 0.000004 centimeters of African plate movement, 0.000004 centimeters of Antarctic plate movement, 0.000004 centimeters of Arctic Ridge movement, 0.000005 centimeters of Caribbean plate movement, 0.000005 centimeters of Mid-Atlantic Ridge movement, 0.000009 centimeters of Arabian plate movement, 0.00001 centimeters of Indian plate movement, 0.00001 centimeters of Philippine plate movement, 0.00001 centimeters of Nazca plate movement, 0.00002 centimeters of Pacific plate movement, 0.00002 centimeters of Cocos plate movement, 0.00003 centimeters of East Pacific Rise movement, 0.0002 centimeters of precipitation, 0.05 species extinctions, 0.11 square miles of deforestation, 0.13 metric tons of quinoa production, One metric ton of fonio production, 2.9 metric tons of buckwheat production, 7.04 acres of Amazon deforestation, 23 metric tons of rye production, 25 metric tons of triticale production, 38 metric tons of oat production, 55 metric tons of millet production, 63 metric tons of potash production, 76 animals killed for fur production, 105 human deaths, 107 metric tons of sorghum production, 168 metric tons of nitrogen production, 234 metric tons of barley production, 250 human births, 294 metric tons of nitrogen deposition, 361 metric tons of phosphorous production, 1,200 nucleotides of E. coli polymerase I replication, 1,239 metric tons of wheat production, 1,279 metric tons of rice production, 1,606 metric tons of maize production, 2,473 metric tons of municipal solid waste production, 60,000 nucleotides of DNA polymerase III replication, 60,709 barrels of petroleum consumption, 68,160 metric tons of CO2 emission, 110,350 animals killed for human consumption, 142,694 metric tons of soil erosion, 190,258 metric tons of CO2 fixated by photosynthesis, 951,293 metric tons of land ice melt, 18,545,719 cubic meters of water used for human consumption, 41,222,729 watts of energy used for human consumption, 247,336,377 watts of energy capture by photosynthesis …


released September 23, 2014



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